Aimed to navigate the challenges in coordinating spectrum use.

Our Mission &

CSSMA seeks to create the conditions for a coordinated, transparent, and expedited spectrum coordination processes. From commercial smallsat spectrum users, government users, and other satellite operators to terrestrial users, continued communication and learning is key to efficient use of spectrum.
CSSMA advocates and represents members’ view on spectrum management and other policy matters that affect the smallsat community. We gather commercial smallsat operators and regulators worldwide to interact meaningfully through working groups, pre-coordination meetings, and other events and initiatives organized for and with our members.


Many commercial small satellite operators use radiofrequency spectrum on a "non-exclusive" basis, i.e., the spectrum may be used by other satellite or terrestrial operators, including government agencies such as U.S. Federal agencies. The shared use of spectrum involves conducting interference analyses and extensive coordination, most of which must be completed as part of the regulatory licensing process. If you are a current or prospective commercial smallsat operator seeking to understand and impact the spectrum world around you, we welcome you to join the Commercial Satellite Spectrum Management Association (CSSMA).

Who Should join?

  • SmallSat Operators
  • Launch & ground stations service providers
  • Space policy advocates
  • Legal practitioners & Technical consultants
  • Trade Associations, Universities, Non-Profits
  • Government Spectrum Managers & Regulators

What Can we do Together

Regulatory Insights

Join us as we share insights into changes in the regulations and upcoming coordination challenges presented both nationally and internationally.

Share Information

Whether it is in a formal presentation or informal discussions, there is a wealth of information that can be capitalized on.

Spectrum Coordination

Get to know your peers in the industry and plan your coordination accordingly. The more you plan ahead the easier it will be.

SmallSat Advocacy

CSSMA’s working groups focus on advocating for smallsats and cubesats. That does not mean we are exclusive - Join us regardless of size!

OUr Team

Laura Cummings

Nathan Johnson

Matteo Cappella

Regulatory Affairs Counsel Astroscale US
Corporate Counsel Planet
Regulatory Affairs Specialist Leaf Space

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